SHANDONG RATZON AGRICULTURE DEVELOPMENTCO.,LTD was set up in Shandong which is the major agricultural province in China in 2007 respectively by Mr. Yizhaq Ratzon, well known agricultural experts from Israel. He is a wholly foreign-owned enterprises in the field of agriculture.

SHANDONG RATZON AGRICULTURE DEVELOPMENT CO.LTD registered in Qingdao City, Shandong Province. The business including: developing the new varieties and improving the varieties of crop; breeding and selling seedling; consulting, technical guidance and quality inspection, etc. The enterprise built the 50-hectare agricultural base in Chengwu county, Heze city. And mainly cultivate and nurture the high-quality strawberry and also growing herbs and new varieties crops using in experiment. The company has perfect Breeding Centre, and is preparing for building laboratory. The company product seedling female parent, and to high-quality, high-tech is its purpose.

SHANDONG RATZON AGRICULTURE DEVELOPMENT CO.LTD mainly process and export Agricultural and sideline products, such as garlic, pepper, onion and other vegetable and fruit products. Because of the reliable quality of product, The stable supply of material ability and Mr. Ratzon's notability, the company has already Built broad and long-term cooperative relation with overseas buyers, and market-oriented Mainly to North America South America Europe and the Middle East. To meet the demand of overseas market orders, the company uniting the domestic powerful farm cultivates and processes fresh product.These cooperators, all own ISO9001\14001,HACCP,FDA BRC,Kosher,etc. Therefore, the company's product quality standards are in line with the global food market inspection requirements. We can provide the following products of the best quality and at the highly competitive prices fresh,frozen,AD, FD, IQF, BQF,juice,canned,etc.

Mr. Ratzon, the general manager of the company has engaged in the cultivation of fine varieties of crops for many years, and in possession of two agricultural companies in Israel: RATZON NURSERY LTD ,mainly engaged in the cultivation of crops, the nurture of seedlings and the development of new varieties. RATZON GLOBAL TRADE & MARKETING LTD ,mainly engaged in the marketing production.