The strawberry and berry fruits products demand in the world and the local marketing are very high, the quantity of fresh and processed strawberry and berry fruits products available in China is very short. Right now, China can fulfill about 30% of global strawberry demand only. There is a great potential growing in China.

Ratzon Agricultural developing breeding and growing strawberries plants since several years ago in Israel, Spain and Portugal. China government invited me to advise and support strawberry major growing projects with Chinese grower and some for foreign companies in Shandong province.

Most of the varieties which growing in China was imported seven years ago from Europe, North America and Japan, they are old generation. Therefore, they are easily can be attacked by diseases, the quality and quantity are low.

Therefore, Ratzon Agricultural is happy to inform the Chinese Growers and companies and the Chinese Agricultural Academy that I am concentrated all my developing and breeding variety plant and growing activities in China in one large farm 1,000mu area with greenhouses and laboratory, provide professional know-how in growing. Together with the local grower, we hope to develop the strawberry area production capabilities in China and try to fulfill the global market demand of strawberry production.

Ratzon Agricultural breeding his own varieties in the last four years in China, first beginning from hybridization and cross between varieties, selecting the best plants, herding the plants and make sure they are suitable to be growing in different location in different province in China. Growing production need to be start with new generation of plants and varieties, have a better future and quality result.

Ratzon Agricultural Development Co., Ltd offering and selling plants
First generation = E, = tissue plant for multiply mother plant
Second generation = F, = multiply mother plant, for nursery mother plant
Third generation = F1, = mother plant for nursery commercial plant.

The advantage character of these plants it’s high yield, good color both outside and inside, good flavor and high brix.

The plants are clean and free from following disease: Strawberry mottle virus, Strawberry light yellow-virus, Strawberry inserts vein virus and Strawberry shrinkage virus.