Ratzon Agricultural has been advising to growing in Chinese sunshine greenhouse in Shandong province, China from 2000 until now. During this time, I found several type of sunshine greenhouse in China.

The production of this project will be grown both in greenhouse and open field for fresh market and food industry for local market. On the local market, the fresh product can be supplied to famous supermarkets like Wall-mart, Carrefour, Jusco and others; for overseas market, we can do export to Southeast of Asia ,US, EU, Middle East, etc. Different production can be growing in this model greenhouse and open field such as melon, tomato, sweet and hot pepper, strawberry, berry fruits, herbs, passiflora, avocado, olive etc.

Cooperation Way of the project:

We suggest the following way of cooperation. You take care all of the finance, provide the land and the equipment. We bring the technology and the professional know-how to the project, seedlings and plants and specific to each project. In addition, we bring connections with lots of potential buyers. 
Before doing any project together, it is necessary to address the following key points: 

1. Trying to get support and subsidies from local government.

2. Do it in a large farm with lower cost and convenient transportation.

Ratzon Agricultural design new model Chinese sunshine greenhouse following the needs of crop in difference location. in order to get high quality and quantity product,each greenhouse 1mu, 60M length, 10M width and 4M height with working room. 
The growing location is demand the wall of the greenhouse. 
The maximum width of the greenhouse wall is 100CM.

The wall can be built by Chinese red block 20*5*10mm or cement block 40*20*20mm. The material of the wall need to choice following the material price of each location.

 The wall of this sunshine greenhouse fit to -20℃ to -15℃ degree

 Type 1 : wall fit to -20℃, -15℃ degree we will build 80 cm width suitable for cold area such as Liaoning, Xinjiang and Inner Mongolia province in the north of China..

 Type 2: wall fit to -10℃, -5℃ degree we will build 60 cm width suitable for Shandong, Henan, Hebei province in the middle of China.

 Type 3: wall fit to -5℃, -0℃ degree we will build 40 cm width suitable for Jiangsu, Zhejiang and Fujian province in the south of China.


MOBILE TUNNEL: wall fit to -5℃ to +10℃ degree  and each unit one mu equal 667M2.

All the constructions are HIGH MOBILE TUNNEL   tube without any welding and fast connection, easy for construction. Every greenhouse has own irrigation and fertilizer system that can be controlled independently with very good condition of ventilation, one front of greenhouse other back of greenhouse as long as the greenhouse. Also the greenhouses have strong galvanized construction in the roof so that we can handle crops in 1M2/25KG, such as cucumber, tomato and pepper etc. We also have silver screen curtain insulated inside the greenhouse, that’s helpful to keep hot or cold inside of the greenhouse follow the needs of the crop. The screen curtain quilt hermetical and light material can protect the greenhouse and the crop during the frozen time. All the equipment and facilities can be handled by engine and remote model control, like irrigation, ventilation screen and curtain quilt.

We can install and supply different heating system for the greenhouse.